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Hi. I'm Don Colton, retired university professor, and this is my personal website. Here are a some links to a few of my other websites.

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Free Books I Have Written For Classes I Taught
IPUP: Introduction to Programming Using Perl and CGI
N101: Networking 101: Internet Basics, Home Networks, Wi-Fi, Security, IPv4
IWDD: Introduction to Web Design and Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Free Web-based Tools I Wrote
My Offline Sudoku Assistant
My Free Hangman Solver
My Free Hangman (German) Solver
My Free Quiz Generator
My Free Anagram Solver
My Free WordSearch Solver
My Convert Surveyor Metes and Bounds into Cartesian Coordinates
My ezCalc Single-Line JavaScript Calculator
My Offline HTML Glyph Viewer (js)
My Games (demonstrations for my CIS 101 class)

Free Web-based Tools I Use and Recommend
NewOCR: Free Optical Character Recognition, translates pdf, jpg, etc, to text.
ColorZilla Extension for Firefox
LaTeX Glyph Finder
IdentiFont: Identify Fonts by Appearance
Graph Paper
Geographic IP Lookup

Free Microsoft Windows-based Tools I Use and Recommend
DVDVideoSoft Free Video Flip and Rotate
DVDVideoSoft Free Video to Flash Converter

Local Pages
About Me   Biographical sketch.
My Photo Albums
Pictures of Don Colton (boring)
My Hawaii Vacation Suggestions
My Favorite YouTube Videos
A Tale of Two Swanns: Remote Viewing with two video surveillance systems
Mini-Greenhouses from PVC and a Trash Can Liner

Other Websites Related to Me
My AITP-EDSIG Distinguished Fellow Recognition (2011)
My Mormon.Org Profile
My Google Profile
Me on FaceBook (Friend me!)
Me on Gravatar
O, IC, U R DVS: My Devious Words (grammagrams)
inactive Me on LinkedIn
inactive Me on Twitter (a.k.a. my "tweet" addweth) (my wife's website). (my wife's photo art website). (our family website). (my son's website).
Netfam: The Network Family (that would be us).
Pictures along the Hukilau 10K Walk (AVA listed) designed by Lois and me
Spanish Flashcards: Don and Lois Colton's Free Vocabulary Study Tool
Army Reserve 842 (Florida) Welcome Home Motorcade 2006-11-18